Mon is a fantasy world created by Thomas Sunhede and Anders Vilhelmsson around 1994. It all started in woodwork class in eight grade where they made a world with forests, mountains and rivers on a big plywood. This map later became a small piece of the complete map of Mon. Both had read J.R.R. Tolkien's books and was big fans of the popular fantasy culture. After a while they started to make more maps, characters, short stories and drawings. About the same time they started a role-playing game club through Sverok called Khazirs of Kaoz or something like it. They played Drakar och Demoner, Mutant, Western and similar games. They even attended a LARP in Blekinge once. All their notes and drawings was collected in a binder, which grew quite big after a while. This binder is still used to look for facts, new figures and maps.

One of the sculptures from Sunhede's school work in 1998.
The word/world "Mon" might have come from Sunhede's progg era and the song "Hon kom över mon". The Swedish word "mon" means something like "the moor" in English. So far only a few items from the world has surfaced:

1998: The sculptures "Expressionistiska monster och andra varelser från Mon" (school work)
1999: The short story "Skymningstid" (school work, only in Swedish)
2010: The book "Två skägg med mos" in 100 copies (only in Swedish)
2010: The short story "Kusin Pernrils lott" online (only in Swedish)
2018: The card game "MON" in 500 copies (in Swedish & English)
2020: ?
"The Big Binder of Mon"

Sunhede's first book: Två skägg med mos.

One of the knights from the 1998 school work.
Hopefully both the book and the card game will get sequals/expansions in the future.