Swedish comics timeline

Here it is, the timeline over the longest running comics in Sweden. I think I got the hold of everyone over 30 years in business. Of course Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) is in the frontseat with it's 70 years. Sad thing that Egmont canned Seriemagasinet in the year of 2000, it was then tied with Donald and could have been used to test lots of comics since the name isn't tied to any specific comic.

You can see Egmont's efforts in two ways. One is that they is the big bad company with almost monopoly over Swedish comics. At least if you talk about recurrent comic magazines, lots of others release albums for example. On the other hand what would have been left if not Egmont did it? Nothing at all?

Fantomen (The Phantom) is very popular in Sweden and the second longest running comic magazine. 91:an i currently having the third place and Knasen (Bettle Bailey) will become fourth in just five years. Both funny comics about the life at an army base. It is also interesting to see what companies have publiced the different magazines through the years. Look for the colors.

The very first Swedish comic book was Musse Pigg-Tidningen (The Mickey Mouse paper) in 1937. Beating Donald Duck with over 10 years! The big suprise on this chart is probably Tom & Jerry, still so popular they can have their own magazine!

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