MGIG owner Thomas played video game music in the show Syntax Error in Sweden's biggest radio channel P3 2000-2003. I was followed by college and a B.A. in Japanese language towards video game development. The dream of becoming a game developer stopped after half a year at Avalanche Studios in Stockholm. But the visions remain.

Mygrandmothersigone is a very small book publisher. Basically an outlet for the firms owner to get his own books published. The company was founded when the chain GAME needed help with their retro game launch late 2012. The name that sometimes i shortened to M.G.I.G. got stuck already when Thomas grandmother past away in 1995.

The company has no loans and try to finance new books by crowdfunding on local or international forums. Kickstarter might be of interest but has not been used yet. Tools used are most often free software such as Open Office. But Thomas has been in love with CorelDRAW ever since high scool. The company now resides high up in Sweden, approximately at the same height as Fairbanks in Alaska.

You'll see...

Corporate identity number: 790319-3535
The company has Swedish F-tax certifiate.

Mygrandmotherisgone Productions
Blåfors 31, SE-934 98 Byske (Västerbotten, Sweden)
thomas.sunhede 🐌 gmail.com
+46 70-20 23 782