Board games from MGIG? Yes, first out is "MON - Anarchy Phantasy Multi Card Game". The game was presented at SPIEL in Essen, Germany in some kind of guerilla style. Hopefully several titles will come during 2019.

MON - Anarchy Phantasy Multi Card Game
Card size: 57 x 89 x 0,3 mm (56 cards)
Paper: Kasino Classic 310 gram with black core from Koehler (high quality)
Weight: 115 gram (including rules and plastic box)
Rules: In Swedish and English (translaters to other languages of interest!)
Release date: 25th October 2018

Art: Thomas Sunhede & Anders Vilhelmsson
Design: Thomas Sunhede
Manufacturing: Offason, Vittsjö, Sweden
Printing: Kartongbolaget, Helsingborg, Sweden
Publisher: Metal Eland Games & MGIG
Playtesting: You & your friends
Price: 150 SEK including shipping within Sweden / €20 including worldwide shipping cost!

Mon is a 54-card deck that can be used in many ways.
Playing cards: 52 cards in 4 suits + 2 jokers = 54.
Hanafuda cards: 48 cards in + 6 jokers = 54.
Colored cards: 50 cards in 10 different color suits + 2 white & 2 black cards = 54.
Dice: 54 cards makes 9 T6 dice.
Silhouette pairs: 54 cards with 27 pairs.
Numbers: 54 unique numbered character cards.

(Note: 2 of the 56 cards in the box are rule cards, making them 54.)

More info and rules soon! And a chance to WIN fine prices!